Mohamed Ramadan Shat Factory RVK is one of the leading manufacturers of water pipe systems in Saudi Arabia. The RVK plant was established in King Abdullah Economic City in Rabigh for manufacturing and marketing in Saudi Arabia and export abroad.


RVK aims to become the most respectful quality supplier Of water-associated pipeline products providing a first-class substitue for forign producers , satisfying the gorwing requirements of our customers in Saudi Arabia , Africa and the Middle East .


To become a profissionally managed industrial company through hiring , training some of the best young engineers and management caliber in Saudi Arabia.

To offer proper education for technicians in the field of Ductile Iron products .

To contribute to the Saudi and Middle Eastern economy by becoming a value added industrial company producing engineering products critical to the infrastructure of the company . To contribute to the saving of precious water by offering defect free pipes, valves and fittings that does not show any sign of leakage after long years of operation.

To provide a healthy , safe and happy environment for work.